The FDA is now approving biomarker-informed therapies on a routine basis, yet there is significant disparity in patient access to molecular profiling that would match cancer patients to these targeted treatments. 


Canexia Health’s Brady Davis recently moderated a panel during the Precision World Medicine Conference (PMWC) in Philadelphia, leading a discussion around providing equitable access to molecular testing within health system settings, from making the business case to reimbursement.


The panelists were:


  • Thuy Phung  | University of South Alabama
  • Michael B Datto M.D., Ph.D.| DUHS Clinical Labs, Duke University Health System, Clinical Laboratories
  • Peter Hulick, M.D. FACMG | Mark R Neaman Ctr. For Personalized Medicine, Northshore University Health System


For key takeaways, read our blog post or watch the full discussion here. 


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